Monday, November 13, 2017

The Basic Skills for Urban Men’s Shirt Collocation

Now the men's shirts is putted to use many popular elements become a riot of color, white, beige, light gray, blue and yellow...... To create a colorful fashion men's world. Men is beginning to worried about how to dress shirts? Men who are in social occasions and in a work want to model elegant, respect and easy-going images of themselves, so they should choose neutral shirts with good quality and exquisite workmanship, while those soft, gorgeous and personalized shirts should be presented in leisure occasions.

1, To wearing casual shirts, don't forget to match khaki, fine and smooth canvas and other casual style pants and casual shoes, Select a color can be bold, not rigidly adhere to black, gray and other insurance color system.
 Plain Multi-Pocket Men's Casual Shirt

2, White skinned people wearing colorful shirt can foil more white, lack of masculinity, of course it is a neutral trend for surging summer fashion.

 Floral Print Lapel Long Sleeve Slim Men's Shirt

3, Fat people are wearing small collar shirt, will be a little stiff, therefore it should choose a large collar shirt with a more appropriate tip.

 Epidemic Lapel Single-Breasted Men's Shirt

4, Tall and martinet are wearing shirts, do not choose a kind of shirt with decorative buttons on the collar, although it is popular now.
 Long Sleeve Unique Slim Men's Shirt

Of course, after seeing so many rules, you're not sure about the collocation of inside and outside, up and down clothes, so remember one thing: white shirts match whatever they match. Next recommend ericdress Cyber Monday sale:

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