Wednesday, October 18, 2017

How do you wear different colored shirts?

1. white shirts never go out of fashion

No matter what shape you are, white shirt is absolutely necessary, with any color suit, not only be easy to consist in, but also easy to give viewers a sense of vitality and refreshing.
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2. Stripes are also safe wear

In general, as long as the spacing between the line and the line should not be too large, the lines will not be too thick, are acceptable, the most secure stripes scale is the spacing between the stripes less than 1 cm, and the regular distance, very thin, be worth recommending.

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3. Be careful with plaid shirts

Just like the striped shirt, if a small lattice area is conservative fine grid, generally no problem, but if the grid area is very large, then this leisure flavor is strong, this time not suitable for work and other formal occasions in the dress, and the usual holiday Leisure time, it is very good to dress up.

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4. Blue is in fashion

Today, office men almost all have blue shirts, or even a few "blue" different shirts, and their importance goes hand in hand with white shirts. Everyone has a blue shirt, but there is a clever difference in collocation.

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5. Body and shirt with the match

If you are more obese, then stripes and plaid too obviously is not for you, if you are a medium, high stiffness and thickness of cloth shirt can be suitable for you; If you are sober or under is long legs tall, stripes, plaid shirt with you very match; if you are chunky, plain is your only choice.

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