Thursday, October 26, 2017

11 Common Tips For Man's Shirts Collection

One, A type of shirt to distinguish. Wearing a suit for formal occasions should wear formal shirt, a shirt wear inside the jacket or tunic, choose the best within the internal.

Two, the formal occasion wear white shirt or light colored shirt, with a dark suit and tie, highlights a dignified.

Three, shirt sleeves should be about one centimeter longer than the sleeves of the suit, which not only reflects the layer of dress, but also keep the cuffs clean.

Four, when the shirt match with tie (regardless of wearing a suit or not), you must generals all buckle button and cuff button to show male's rigidity and strength.

Five, the size of the shirt collar, to squeeze a finger loose spacey is appropriate. Slender neck who avoid the collar is too large, otherwise it will give people a sense of weakness.

Six, wearing a suit without tie, the button of collar and cuff cannot buckle, left the buttons  must be buttoned, otherwise it will seem too casual and lack of cultured.

Seven, wearing a suit, shirt tail avoid wearing outside the waist, this will give people the feeling is not neither fish nor fowl, conversely, it will make people more confident.

Eight, should be selected in curved hem style shirt, both for the hem tucks in the waist, and wearing comfort, waist and hip part of smooth appearance.

Nine, the outer wear shirt should not wear inside any coat (especially the suit), to avoid giving a bloated, discordant feeling.

Ten, the newly bought shirts, must be washed and then worn to remove the possible dirt in the production process, to ensure clean and sanitary when wearing the body.

Eleven, man's shirts should be frequently washed and changed, wearing dirty collar shirt, will give irresponsible suspicion.

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